Saturday, February 15, 2014

the end of energy healing?


perusing my emails and come to find out that the state of maryland has proposed a bill to prevent individuals from using energy healing without a license, except in very limited instances.  for those of us who use energy, which is a force given to us all by the creator, this is almost identical to the witch hunts of years gone by.  preventing us from using our own power to help facilitate healing is another sign that the powers that be are feeling the imminent change going on in the world.  as more and more of us become awake and become aware of our abilities to not only heal, but to take control of our lives and healing, the more they are afraid of losing control of us.  as we wake up and stop being sheeple, we shorten the lives of the very few who control most of the resources of the world.

this leaves us with two choices, give in or fight!  i say fight.  we have to put an end to all of the misery, the hate, the despair that runs rampant due to the desire of a few to have all the luxuries while most of us struggle to survive.  now is the time for us to show we are not going to take this.  let them know WE will no longer be subdued.  send in letters, phone calls, if you must, but keep on sharing our energy with those in need.

this is my peace.....